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The following links are supplied by Fairchild Maddox + Leonidas as a resource for you to find useful information to aid in your tax preparation.

Federal Institute Links: State Institute Links:
The Internal Revenue Service's very own home page.

Where's my Federal Refund?
Service to see your personal refund information, so you can track your refund for the Federal level.

Social Security Administration online
Home page for the SSA. Information on benefits, services, etc.

Federal tax code online
The complete code with embedded hyperlinks for quick searches and a WAIS based full-text search engine.

Essential Link To Taxes
Online resources for tax information.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Excellent coverage of all areas of Congress.

Crown Ministries
Larry Burkett's page of sound financial advice based on biblical principles.

An excellent guide to investing on the Web.

The National Association of Tax Professionals.

Small Business Taxes & Management
The WWW version of The Small Business Tax Review - Tax and management guidance for small and medium sized businesses since 1980.

Taxing Subjects
News for the Tax Professional.

The Tax Prophet
An extensive collection of articles on a broad range of tax subjects.

Thomas Legislative Information
The latest legislative news and information from both the house and senate.

U. S. House of Representatives
Information regarding legislation, members, committee, etc.

MN Revenue
Tax information, forms, filing and more information on revenue for personal filing and business in Minnesota.

Where's my Refund?
Service to see your personal refund information, so you can track your refund for the State level.

Secretary of State
Registers business and non-profit corporations, limited liability partnerships, trade and service marks.

Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program
Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax information, forms, and support.

Department of Public Safety
Information on state required driver and vehicle licenses and registration, alcohol and gambling enforcement, and emergency management.

Guide to Passing on Personal Possessions
Estate and trust

Department of Commerce
Information on licensing and regulation for certain industries.

Department of Labor and Industry
Information on worker's compensation, labor standards and workplace safety.

Minnesota State Legislature

Minnesota Statutes, Session Laws and Rules

Hill Reference Library


We hope that the links that we have provided are of use in your research for your tax needs.

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